Striper Guide Lake Buchanan

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Lake Buchanan Striper Fishing

Along structure on the bottom of the lake, a rig baited with live shad is usually productive for stripers. In the early fall and late spring, topwater fishing can often be productive. Fishermen need to concentrate on the humps and points of the main lake though. Usually, stripers will be chasing baits just under the surface of the water when birds are sighted working schools of shad. To effectively target a striper; you may have to use a downrigger in the heat of summer or during very cold water times. Yellow or white trailers and bucktail will work well behind these downriggers. A depth finder or fish locater can help the fisherman locate structure for this type of fishing on the lake. You need to set your balls on the downriggers somewhat higher than the depth of the thermocline, which generally is located between 20 feet and 30 feet from the surface.

A striper is a schooling fish. All throughout the year there are many times when they can be located feeding on bait at the surface. However, this is never a sure thing. A striper will usually be located in groups in cooler, deeper water in the summer. The cooler months of October through Feb offer some excellent striper catching, while the weather isn’t the best and often colder and less conducive to going fishing. These months are probably the best for a trip to catch a striper. When going for stripers, there are many factors to be considered. These factors include the phase of the moon, bottom structure, time of the year and day, direction of the wind, and temperature of the water. This is the reason that visiting anglers might want to consider hiring a Lake Buchanan Striper Fishing Guide. A striper Fishing Guide on this lake can often provide a short cut to catching stripers because they usually have so many years of experience and fish the lake frequently.

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As a size guide, on Lake Buchanan, 18 inches is the minimum size limit with a 5 fish daily limit per person. However, it can be very exciting for the younger or inexperienced fisherman to even catch a smaller size fish. Knowing the legal size of a striper can be tricky. This is another reason to consider hiring a Lake Buchanan Striper Fishing Guide.

The Lake Buchanan Conservation Corp. which was established in 2006 by a core group of striper guides, resort owners and concerned citizens, has, among other accomplishments, been the driving force behind stocking the lake with millions of hybrid stripers, black bass and habitat, as well as lakeside improvements. The hybrid stripers stocked by this organization are now legal “keeper” size and are adding dramatically to the fishery of this great lake. The also tend to be very good fighters and VERY good eating!

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